nursery trees and shrubs
nursery trees and shrubs
nursery trees and shrubs
nursery trees and shrubs

NIEDZWIEDZ nursery trees and shrubs Koronowo Poland

Nursery NIEDZWIEDZ it`s a family business, which was founded by Zdzisław i Zenona. At the first time, target of their business was roses and fruit trees cultivating. Thanks to professional stuff and founders management talent the range of company has grown. Beside roses and fruit trees, we have a wide range of plant deciduous and coniferous in this time. Ms. Małgorzata i Mr. Jacek take care about this part of business. The youngest of family, Wojciech with Anna, cultivating alley trees..

The nursery is 80 ha in area:
- container crop take up 11 ha
- surface undercover take up 1,2 ha
- surface undercover take up 1,2 ha
- backwoods take up 3 ha

We specialize in production of deciduous and coniferous plant. We offer the product of high quality. Our offer is addressed mainly to the wholesale horticultural, owners of retail outlets, companies that arrange gardens, who can purchase the plant sought to place in the nursery or make a request via fax / e-mail.

Saleі condition:
Sale of plants - weekdays from 7:00 to 18:00
It is possible to deliver the ordered goods own transport. Delivery - by appointment.
For appropriate and quick delivery - please continue to call us or send orders by fax.
Prices in our offer - a net wholesale prices.
During the season - we can change the price.

This offer does not include many species and varieties propagated in smaller quantities
Trees and shrubs Coniferous
Trees and shrubs
Trees and shrubs imported
Decorative material from the ground
Fruit trees and shrubs
Avenue trees in containers
Avenue trees in container
Trees and shrubs

Niedźwiedź nursery located in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship, in the area Stary Dvur, 20 km from Bydgoszcz. The climatic conditions of this region are possible to grow plants resistant to low temperatures in Eastern Europe. From his nursery plants we export to countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine.

We warmly invite to visit our nursery and cooperating

Nursery is registered in Union of Polish Nurseries.

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